6 Conversh Customer Appreciation Tools

6 Conversh Customer Appreciation Tools


Show Your Customer That You Care!



Customers drive your business, so be sure that they know you care! As small business owners or managers, you have a unique opportunity to connect with your customers more closely. Not only is this an opportunity… It’s often a necessity for differentiation! Here are 6 unique ideas in this holiday season of thanks.

Thank you for all your support of our Conversh family in 2016! Your success and growth is our reward, and we’re looking forward to all that 2017 can bring.


  1. Say thanks! – This seems simple, but is often forgotten in the busy times. Take a few minutes to reach out to your customers, or spend a few minutes the next time they visit your establishment to help make them feel special.
  2. Holiday/Thank you cards – E-mail or direct mail cards to your customers acknowledging their importance to you, and what you may have planned for next year. Personalizing your card will make that extra special impact.
  3. Support a customer organization – Ask your best customers what organizations are important to them, and take time individually or with your team to volunteer at a local non-profit. Let the organization know you’re there in support of your customer. This way, you’re showing your customer appreciation while bettering your community!
  4. Provide a VIP special or event – Organize a special event for your customers to show appreciation for a fantastic 2016. If this is a smaller event, it can feel more exclusive. Send invitations and ask for an RSVP for your planning, and to make the event more special to your best customers.
  5. Host a food or supply drive, and ask for customer participation – Again, this includes your customer in a special event, while improving your community! There are so many needs throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season. Hosting a toy or food drive or reaching out to a group supporting those who are having a tough year will make the occasion much more special for all involved.
  6. Ask your team to participate in year end customer appreciation – Incorporating your team into the excitement of rewarding your best customers builds team spirit, while also reaching out to your customers in a unique way. Have individuals select their best customers, and have them drop off a small gift or even a gift certificate for your small business.

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