6 Digital Marketing Traits of Customer Focused Organizations

6 Digital Marketing Traits of Customer Focused Organizations


Moving to a customer focused brand

Many people often ask the question… Why don’t people respond to our marketing? What makes up successful marketing? Here are some quick digital marketing traits of customer focused organizations that will help bring your brand to light.

  1. They think about what the customer wants to see, rather than what they want to say.

This may sound like common sense, but not all businesses work this way. Many times, we want to tell our customers something, when in fact that aren’t interested in hearing it. This can lead to fantastic content but little interaction. Talk to your customers and do some research, then put content together based on YOUR customers’ interests.

2. They update their social accounts while their customers are online to see it.

Even the best content and meticulous planning will fail if your customer isn’t there to see it! Test different times of the day to see what types of posts and updates get the most engagement. Think about your customer and their day-to-day activities. If you’re focusing on parents, later at night may be better after the kids are in bed. To reach businesses, posts during the day might be best. As you learn what gets the most engagement, you’ll be able to fine tune your digital marketing.

3. They think of words that describe what customers love most about your business, and use those in digital campaigns.

How would you describe your business to someone who didn’t know your brand at all in 5 words or less? These are good words to use in your digital marketing to help define your brand. Utilizing specific words consistently in your digital marketing will provide a consistent brand to your customer, and help in the discovery of your brand across multiple platforms online.

4. They align their digital marketing goals with business goals and expectations of their customer.

If your digital marketing isn’t helping to achieve your overall business goals, other metrics won’t matter much. It’s good to know how your digital marketing is performing, but more important to know how your digital efforts are benefiting your overall goals. This will, in turn, help you exceed the expectations of your customer.

5. They keep their content fresh and exciting.

While it may take several contacts to reach your customer, be careful not to become boring with your social accounts. Customers enjoy lively updates with new information. They will tend to ignore or unfollow accounts that continuously post the same information, or outdated information. Additionally, new content will often be featured more prominently on digital searches, giving you a better chance to be seen by your customer.

6. They keep an open dialogue with the customer, both via social media and in person.

Constant follow up with your customer is a key to staying in touch with their expectations. Social media is just that… social. Your customers will often appreciate the one-on-one service you can provide online. Keep up to date with customer comments and questions, and review multiple platforms to learn more about what your customers are saying about you. In addition, communicate in person with customers and ask them what interests them. You may be surprised at the results, and it can often result in your next great idea!




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