Conversh Video Storytelling

Conversh Video Storytelling

Creating customer focused content, and what to do with it!

Telling your story is the basis for the Conversh plan. Have you added a digital video channel to your social media lineup? If not, let’s get started today!

Video can be a very effective method of communicating your story with your customers, and doesn’t have to be a complicated process! There are many tools and social platforms available that help reach your customers and tell them about you in a conversational way. Here are a few quick ideas. Interested in learning more? Conversh with us today!

  • Keep your message consistent and simple – update your content, but keep your mission and values consistent throughout your video journey
  • Ask customers what they’d like to know – set up a video Q&A and naswer questions from your customers!
  • Often, shorter is better – Keep your customer engaged with short, informative and entertaining video segments. You’ll oftentimes lose your customer’s attention if the content is too complicated or too long. Videos as short as 10-15 seconds can be very effective!
  • Utilize type on your videos – This is a fun way to communicate additional information to your customer
  • Post your videos on multiple platforms, but be consistent – Often, including your video directly to each social platform will be more effective. Ideally, you’ll have a base of data on your website as well.

We can help with this, from content ideas, to design, to social sharing! Conversh with us today!

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