Conversh With Us 5 Ways to Increase Word of Mouth Marketing

5 Ways to Increase Word of Mouth Marketing


Your Customers Tell The Best Story!


cv-no-bgYour business or organization has a wonderful story! But no matter how good your story, if no one hears it, it doesn’t have much value! Did you know that your customers can be the best advocates of your company brand, and will often be trusted much more with their friends and family versus information presented from you? There is an art to creating word of mouth marketing, and here are 5 quick points to help get you started!




  1. Ask your best customers for referrals.  Your best customers will often be happy to talk with their friends and family about your story, especially if you as the owner or brand manager respect their opinion enough to ask for their help.
  2. Ask for customers, or businesses of which you are a customer, to post a recommendation or positive review of your business. Several social media platforms make this process very simple, and once online, can make a very good piece of your story to share or re-post!
  3. Do something unique or “share-worthy.” This can be something as simple as a special event, customer highlight, one time promotion or anything else you can think of that people will remember. If it fits into your organizational story while being sincere and different, your customers will many times want to tell their friends about it. “Can you believe what (insert your company) is doing?!” Be sure it’s a positive and welcoming experience!
  4. Be an advocate of your brand wherever you go. You may feel like you tell your story to anyone that will listen and have told the story over and over, but people are busy. It takes several times of hearing something for it to resonate with them, and even more to be of impact for them to talk about your story to others. Don’t overwhelm them with a sales pitch or tell your story the same way each time. Find interesting ways to work what makes your business unique into everyday conversations!
  5. Ask your team to talk with influencers they know in the community. Your organizational team can be your most valuable resource, and they know lots of people that you may not know! Talk to them about what your business means to you, and always tell them your story. Your team can also learn lots of great information and feedback on ways that you can improve and grow your brand.

Like many things worth doing, creating word of mouth marketing can be a challenge. It takes lots of hard work and a consistent message. The Conversh team would love to help and guide you through this process! Give some of these ideas a try, and if you have questions, feel free to conversh with us!

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