Our 4 C’s

What is Conversh? At Conversh, we want to be your grassroots digital marketing partner by drawing upon our combination of small businesses and digital marketing experience to help you enhance your customer relationships. The Conversh marketing and event plan consists of our own version of 4 C’s…


Customer – Our focus is on you as our customer, and helping you focus your talents as a business on your customer. A focus on the customer is common to successful businesses, and your team is your most valuable asset at your business. Our first goal is to highlight the best of your company’s team and create a digital footprint that focuses on what the customer desires from you.

Converging – Converging your business skills and offerings is our specialty! You may have the best products and services, but if they aren’t brought together in a logical and thoughtful manner, it may go to waste!

Conversation – Give us the opportunity to open up or expand the “convershation” to your valuable customers! Get the conversation started and present your business offerings and brand in a conversational manner. A great product or service will only go so far. You need the conversation to engage your customer which leads to…

Conversion – A great product or service, excellent customer service and the best communication will not necessarily insure success. The most successful businesses understand that they must convert potential customers to lifelong advocates for your brand and vision! Setting a goal, implementing marketing strategies and following up via reviews is what Conversh is all about!

Combining our Conversh 4 C’s will set you up with a digital marketing plan that gives you the most chance of success. Our unofficial 5th C is community, which is also very important to us. Each quarter we are happy to support a local non-profit in their efforts to build their digital marketing presence with a Conversh consult and starter package, on the house! Interested in having your non-profit organization considered or know someone that is? Complete this non-profit review form today! For now, this program is limited to the Athens GA and Oconee area to allow us to provide in person consultation!