Pre Video Preparation Checklist

Pre-Video Preparation Checklist

Simple Steps to an Amazing Video Experience

You’re all set and ready to jump into creating engaging video content. Before starting your project, be sure and take some time to plan out your strategy. It will save you time and money in the long run, and ensure that you’ll get exactly what you and your customer desire. Editing will also be much simpler and less time consuming. Video can seem like a simple endeavor, but there is a lot to consider! Conversh with us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Here are some simple pre-planning steps for your video…

  • Plan for what you’ll wear. Your appearance is often more important than what you’re saying. It’s the first thing people will see, and is how they create their first impression. Refrain from wearing bright, contrasting colors and styles, and wear clothing without logos unless it pertains to your business or story.
  • Plan for what you’ll say. Now that you’ve made a good first impression, wow your customer with your video content. This doesn’t mean you need to write down every word, and certainly you don’t want to read directly from a script. However, an outline of your video plan will help you stay on task and remove some apprehension.
  • Plan for your scenes and what video you’ll need. Planning out a basic scene list will help ensure that you get all the video content that you need the first time, and prior to going to edit. It can be frustrated to look back after the video shoot and realize that a key sequence was left out. A direct plan can help towards your amazing overall video project!
  • Plan for your background and lighting. Try and avoid conflicts between the setting for your video and your video content. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to produce a video on a busy street if you’re creating a calm vision for your yoga studio or spa. Also, consider the time of day you’re videoing if outside. Sunlight will create different effects depending on the time of day.
  • Plan for any background music needed. Music can set the mood for many video projects. Be sure your background music aligns with your intended message, and is available for use. There are some great services that provide a wide range of background music and effects!
  • Plan ahead with your videography equipment. Yes, you’re phone can take videos. Will it tell the story you want? Possibly. Be sure the equipment you plan on using captures quality video content and the audio that you need.
  • Plan for your future video creations. Tell your story. Like many good stories, you want to try and walk the viewer through a logical and easy to understand path. This often means planning ahead so you don’t skip around. Lead your customers along the story or your business by planning future videos before creating something new.
  • Above all, have fun! Be sure and pass on the excitement for your video project to your customers. This is done by your facial expressions, the words you use, and the intonation of your voice. If you are enjoying the videography process, it will show through on your project!

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