Timing of your social media post

Timing of Your Social Media Post

When should I post on my social media?

Like most questions, the answer is normally “It depends!” This is especially true when customizing your social media to your specific business. Many times, the answer we hear is “I post whenever I have a chance” or “Does it really matter when I post?” The answer to this questions is definitely YES!

When you post can often be as important as the content that you provide your customers. To determine the best timing for your individual posts, you must look at your brand through your customers’ eyes. Do you serve a business clientele? Focus on stay at home moms? Trying to communicate with the college aged market? Each different customer demographic will result in a different answer.

There is lots of information available to determine what time of day most people are on social media. The key is to focus on your customers, and how they would like to interact with your brand. Once you determine when the best timing for your posts is, the challenge is still to remember or plan for your social media. With everything you have going on, this can be a challenge! This is one of the reasons why Conversh might be a good fit for you! We’ll focus on you and your social media needs to plan your program along with your content. Let us focus on this, which can open up your schedule to focus on what you do best! Remember, some things may seem simple but are in actuality complex in order to enjoy the maximum benefit! Let’s Conversh soon.

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